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Volume 39 (1) – 2016



  • BABEJ J., MÁČKA Z., ONDREJKA P. & PETEROVÁ P., Surface grain size variation within gravel bars: a case study of the River Opava, Czech Republic, Pages 3-12
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  • MARANI BARZANI M. & SALLEH O., Geomorphological mapping hazard of the Zayandeh Rood Basin, Iran, Pages 13-20
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  • COLOMBO G., GIACCONE E., PARO L., BUFFA G., D’AGATA C. & FRATIANNI S., The recent transition from glacial to periglacial environment in a high altitude alpine basin (Sabbione Basin,North-Western Italian Alps). Preliminary outcomes from a multidisciplinary approach, Pages 21-36
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  • KUSÁK M., KROPÁČEK J., VILÍMEK V. & SCILLACI C., Analysis of the influence of tectonics on the evolution of valley networks based on SRTM DEM, Jemma River basin, Ethiopia, Pages 37-50
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  • MÄRKER M., HOCHSCHILD V., MACA V. & VILÍMEK V., Stochastic assessment of landslides and debris flows in the Jemma basin, Blue Nile, Central Ethiopia, Pages 51-58
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  • MATTAVELLI M., STRIGARO D., FRIGERIO I., LOCCI F., MELIS M.T. & DE AMICIS D., The IDB: An ice core geodatabase for paleoclimatic and glaciological analyses, Pages 59-68
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  • PEANO D., CHIARLE M. & VON HARDENBERG J., A minimal model approach for glacier length modeling in the Western Italian Alps, Pages 69-82
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  • RAMOUL S., BENAZZOUZ M.T. & CEMALI. N., Évolution de la dynamique fluviale d’oued El Klab Dans la plaine de Sigus de 1959 à 2014 (Oum El Bouaghi, Algérie) – Evolution dynamics of the river EL Klab in the Sigus plain from 1959 to 2014 (Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria), Pages 83-88
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  • SENESE A., MAUGERI M., FERRARI S., CONFORTOLA G., SONCINI A., BOCCHIOLA D. & DIOLAIUTI G., Modelling shortwave and longwave downward radiation and air temperature driving ablation at the Forni Glacier (Stelvio National Park, Italy), Pages 89-100
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  • NEWSLETTER, Pages 101-102
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  • BOOK REVIEWS, Page 103
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