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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume I - 1988


Proceedings of the meeting:
The Morphotectonics in Italy


Evoluzione morfotettonica recente della zona compresa tra la testata del T. Nure e la val d’Aveto (Appennino piacentino) – Recent morphotectonic evolution of the zone between T. Nure valley and Aveto valley (Piacenza Apennine)

Pages 121-140


Thc neotectonic features of a zone betwcen thc high Nure valley anel tile Aveto valley (Piacenza Apennine) are hcre analyzed. The study involvcd the following researches: a geological survcy al thc scale 1:5000; a rnorphometrical analysis of thc drainage network with dcfinition of some significanl pararneters; a mcsomuclurnl detailed nnalysis on lhc (racture domnins in the examined zone; a geomorphological analysis (carricd out by photo·inlerprctation) to determine the morphostructural clcments. In panicular, thc slructural ana!ysis makes possible to define the presence of three main phascs of deformalion; two of them are trascurrent with a maximum compression axis with a dircction respcctively NE and NNW anel thc other, more rcccnt, is normal. The drainage paltcrn and the morphologic frame have generaUy suffered from the differcm strain fields which have successively interested the zone. In particular, the study of the fluvial drainage network, using moro phometric parameters already known in literature alld with the introduco tion of other anes, is useful to establish the possible correlation bet· ween thc development of thc surface drainage and the slructural elements. The comparalive analysis of the achieved results allows to define a pian of the recent morphostructural evolution of the zone and lo date the observed slructural e1ements. Some of the determincel tectonic lines are probably aClive also in the periods following the last Wilrm glaciation. Final!y, the geodynamic meaning of the normal regime is briefly discussed: it is possible associale it to the marked phcnomcnon of uplifl which is in progress today.

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