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Volume 41 (2) – 2018



  • GFDQ 41 (2) 2018 cover

  • ANZIDEI M., SCICCHITANO G., TARASCIO S., DE GUIDI G., MONACO C., BARRECA G., MAZZA G., SERPELLONI E. & VECCHIO A., Coastal retreat and marine flooding scenario for 2100: a case study along the coast of Maddalena Peninsula (southeastern Sicily), Pages 5-16
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  • DISTEFANO S., GAMBERI F., BALDASSINI N. & DI STEFANO A., Late Miocene to Quaternary structural evolution of the Lampedusa Island offshore, Pages 17-31
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  • FURLANI S., PIACENTINI D., TROIANI F., BIOLCHI S., ROCCHEGGIANI M., TAMBURINI A., TIRINCANTI E., VACCHER V., ANTONIOLI F., DEVOTO S., NESCI O. & MENICHETTI M., Tidal notches (Tn) along the western adriatic coast as markers of coastal stability during late Holocene, Pages 33-46
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  • GIACCONE T., GIACCONE G. & MANNINO A.M., Deep rhodolith beds in the Ustica island (Sicily, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea): a sedimentary and paleoecological approach, Pages 47-63
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  • MASTRONUZZI G., MILELLA M., PISCITELLI A., SIMONE O., QUARTA G., SCARANO T., CALCAGNILE L. & SPADA I., Landscape analysis in Torre Guaceto area (Brindisi) aimed at the reconstruction of the late Holocene sea level curve, Pages 65-79
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  • SCICCHITANO G., SPAMPINATO C. R., ANTONIOLI F., ANZIDEI M., LO PRESTI V. & MONACO C., Comparing ancient quarries in stable and slowly uplifting coastal area located in eastern Sicily, Italy, Pages 81-92
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  • ZAKERINEJAD R., OMRAN A., HOCHSCHILD V. & MAERKER M., Assessment of gully erosion in relation to lithology in the southwestern Zagros Mountains, Iran using ASTER data, GIS and stochastic modeling, Pages 95-104
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  • BOLLATI I.M., CERRATO R., CROSA LENZ B., VEZZOLA L., GIACCONE E., VIANI C., ZANONER T., AZZONI R.S., MASSEROLI A., PELLEGRINI M., SCAPOZZA C., ZERBONI A. & GUGLIELMIN M., Geomorphological map of the Val Viola Pass (Italy-Switzerland), Pages 105-114
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  • BARONI C., BONDESAN A., CARTURAN L. & CHIARLE M. (eds.), Report of the glaciological survey of 2017, Pages 115-193
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