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Volume 40 (1) – 2017



  • GFDQ 40 (1) 2017 cover and Letter from Editor

  • AUGUSTOWSKI K. & KUKULAK J., Rates of frost erosion in river banks with different particle size (West Carpathians, Poland), Pages 5-17
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  • BAIONI D., TRAMONTANA M. & MURANA A., Amazonian thermokarst within a trough of Noctis Labyrinthus, Mars, Pages 19-27
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  • BINI M., ZANCHETTA G., RIBOLINI A., SALVATORE M.C., BARONI C., PAPPALARDO M., ISOLA I., ISLA F.I., FUCKS E., BORETTO G., MORIGI C., RAGAINI L., MARZAIOLI F. & PASSARIELLO I., Last Interglacial sea-level highstand deduced from notches and inner margins of marine terraces at Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, Pages 29-39
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  • BRANDOLINI P., FACCINI F., FRATIANNI S., FREPPAZ M., GIARDINO M., MAGGIONI M., PEROTTI L. & ROMEO V. , Snow-avalanche and climatic conditions in the Ligurian ski resorts (NW-Italy), Pages 41-52
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  • COLUCCI R.R., LUETSCHER M., FORTE E., GUGLIELMIN M., LENAZ D., PRINCIVALLE F. & VITA F., First alpine evidence of in situ coarse cryogenic cave carbonates (CCCcoarse), Pages 53-59
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  • DEZSŐ J., HALÁSZ A., CZIGÁNY S., TÓTH G. & LÓCZY D., Estimating seepage loss during water replenishment to a floodplain oxbow: a case study from the Drava Plain, Pages 61-75
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  • MARTINO S., BOZZANO F., CAPOROSS I P., D’ANGIÒ D., DELLA SETA M., ESPOSITO C., FANTINI A., FIORUCC I M., GIANNINI L.M., IANNUCC I R., MARMONI G.M., MAZZANTI P., MISS ORI C., MORETTO S., RIVELLINO S., WALTER ROMEO R.W., SARANDREA P., SCHILIRÒ L., TROIANI F. & VARONE C., Ground effects triggered by the 24th August 2016, Mw 6.0 Amatrice (Italy) earthquake: surveys and inventorying to update the CEDIT catalogue, Pages 77-95
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  • STAMATOPOULOS L. & PALMENTOLA G., Traces of pre – Tymphian glaciation on Athamanion Massif, Pindos mountain chain, Greece, Pages 97-102
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  • Letter to Editor from M. PANIZZA
    AIGeo: the first twenty years of its history (from the early beginning of the 1970s to the Bologna Conference of 1997)
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