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Volume 39 (2) – 2016



  • GFDQ 39 (2) 2016 cover

  • BOLLATI I., VERGARI F., DEL MONTE M. & PELFINI M., Multitemporal Dendrogeomorphological Analysis of Slope Instability in Upper Orcia Valley (Southern Tuscany, Italy), Pages 105-120
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  • CAFARO S., GUEGUEN E., PARISE M. & SCHIATTARELLA M., Morphometric analysis of karst features of the Alburni Mts, Southern Apennines, Italy, Pages 121-128
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  • DEIANA G., MELEDDU A., PALIAGA E.M., TODDE S. & ORRÙ P.E., Continental Slope Geomorphology: Landslides and Pockforms of Southern Sardinian Margin (Italy), Pages 129-136
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  • GIOIA D., BAVUSI M., DI LEO P., GIAMMATTEO T. & SCHIATTARELLA M., A geoarchaeological study of the Metaponto coastal belt, Southern Italy, based on geomorphological mapping and GIS-supported classification of landforms., Pages 137-148
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  • GRANO M.C., DEL MONTE M., LAZZARI M. & BISHOP P., Fluvial dynamics and water mills location in Basilicata (Southern Italy)., Pages 149-160
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  • KROPÁČEK J., SCHILLACI C., SALVINI R. & MÄRKER M., Assessment of gully erosion in the Upper Awash, Central Ethiopian Highlands based on a comparison of archived aerial photographs and very high resolution satellite images, Pages 161-170
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  • MASSEROLI A., LEONELLI G., BOLLATI I., TROMBINO L. & PELFINI M., The influence of geomorphological processes on the treeline position in Upper Valtellina (Central Italian Alps), Pages 171-182
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  • MELEDDU A., DEIANA G., PALIAGA E.M, TODDE S. & ORRÙ P.E., Continental shelf and slope geomorphology: marine slumping and hyperpycnal flows (Sardinian southern continental margin, Italy), Pages 183-192
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  • RATTO G., MONTIS F., DEPALMAS A., RENDELI M. & MELIS R.T., Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Sant’Imbenia area during the Middle Holocene (Sardinia, Italy), Pages 193-202
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  • VIANI C., GIARDINO M., HUGGEL C., PEROTTI L. & MORTARA G., An overview of glacier lakes in the Western Italian Alps from 1927 to 2014 based on multiple data sources (historical maps, orthophotos and reports of the glaciological surveys), Pages 203-214
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  • BARONI C., BONDESAN A. & MORTARA G. (eds.), Report of the glaciological survey of 2015, Pages 215-295
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