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Volume 22 (1) – 1999



  • COLTRINARI L., Karstic type-forms and landscape evolution in the Taubaté Basin (São Paulo, Brasil), Pages 5-12.
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  • FERNANDES E., SAKAMOTO A.Y., QUEIROS NETO J.P., LUCATI H.M. & CAPELLARI B., Le «Pantanal da Nhecolândia» Mato Grosso: cadre physique et dynamique hydrologique – The “Pantanal da Nhecolandia” Mato Grosso: physiografic frame and hydrologic dynamics, Pages 13-21.
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  • JEJE L.K., Landuse and sediment yield in parts of South Western Nigeria, Pages 23-31.
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  • LÓPEZ-BLANCO J., GALICIA L. & GARCÍA-OLIVA F., Hierarchical analysis of relief features in a small watershed in a tropical deciduous forest ecosystem in Mexico, Pages 33-40.
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  • RUSE M. & PEART M.R., Preliminary observations on the spatial variability of fallout Caesium-137 at reference sites in Hong Kong, Pages 41-46.
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  • DAMM B., L’evoluzione dei ghiacciai, del paesaggio e del clima nei Monti di Tures (Alto Adige) dal Tardiglaciale – Glaciers, landscape and climate evolution in the Mountains of Taufers (South Tyrol) since the Late glacial, Pages 49-55.
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  • DI CRESCENZO G. & SANTO A., Analisi geomorfologica delle frane da scorrimento – colata rapida in depositi piroclastici della Penisola Sorrentina (Campania) – Geomorphological analysis of the rapid earth flowsin the pyroclastic deposits of the Surrentine peninsula (Campania, Italy), Pages 57-72.
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  • MILIA A., The geomorphology of Naples Bay continental shelf, Italy – La geomorfologia della piattaforma continentale del Golfo di Napoli, Pages 73-78.
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  • PAPPALARDO M., Remarks upon the present-day condition of the glaciers in the Italian Maritime Alps – Considerazioni sullo stato attuale dei ghiacciai nelle Alpi Marittime Italiane, Pages 79-82.
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  • RIBOLINI A., Areal distribution of rock glaciers in the Argentera Massif as a tool for recent glacial evolution reconstruction – La distribuzione areale dei rock glaciers del Massiccio dell’Argentera (Alpi Marittime)come strumento per la ricostruzione dell’evoluzione glaciale recente, Pages 83-86.
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  • SHUISKY Y.D., Relative changes of the Black Sea level and impact on abrasive shore processes – Variazioni relative del livello del Mar Nero e impatto sui processi erosivi delle spiagge, Pages 87-97.
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  • VYKHOVANETS G.V., Aeolian processes and forms development on coasts of Ukraine – Sviluppo di processi e forme eoliche sulle coste dell’Ucraina, Pages 99-104.
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