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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume VII - 2005


Proceedings of the Conferences “Mountains and Plains”


Geomorfositi del Jura orientale (Svizzera NW) e del Piemonte centrale (Italia NW) – Geomorphosites of eastern Jura (NW Switzerland) and central Piemonte (NW Italy)

Pages 115-122


This paper illustrates a comparative inventory of geomorphosites. Two peculiar relieves and nearby sedimentary basins were studied: the Delernont basin (Jura Canton, NW Switze rland); the «Monfe rrato arc» (Piemonte Region , NW I taly). The aim of the wo rk was to analyse different «fold and thrust» belts through their geomorphos ites. In order to achieve comparable invent ori es the same meth od was applied both to select and to assess scient ific assets. Fir stly, owing to scientific bibli – ography, cart ographical analysis and ground surveys, the most significant geomo rp hological objects (limit ed landform s, wide sites and even pa rtic ular lan dscapes) wer e spo tte d and cat egori zed. Secondly, a scientific value was assigned to these asse ts thr ou gh a me tho d founded on six fundamenta l fac tors (integ rity, exemplari ty, rarity, paleogeographic value, bibliographi c inte res t , geos ites inclu ded) and severa l secondary indicators. Lastly, a database was imp lemente d and des criptive forms’ and geomorp hological schemes we re dr awn . The inventories point out the links and differences between the two areas and revea l their geomorph ological wea lth. The jur assic geomorphosi tes mainly result from fluvial and karstic processes, controlled by the homoge neo us folded structu re. Thi s rel ief is crossed by important bri ttle st ruc tural discont inuities, mainly link ed to the rece nt geodynamic of the Rhine Graben. Th e «Monferrato arc» makes up a very large area of recent uplif t , where an ancie nt Jurassic landscape is rejuvenated by fluvial pr ocesses and mass movements. Due to the nature of th e bedrock and to th e str uctura l complexit y the geomo rphology of th ese hill ranges is less clear th an in th e Jura chain s.”

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