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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume IV - 2001


Illustrative Notes of the Geomorphological Map of Po Plain


I limiti della pianura – Boundary of the Po plain

Pages 17-20


The boundary is clearcut along most of its perimeter) as usual in contacts between the Alps and the plains) where changes in altitude due to tectonic activity tend to be strong. with intense erosional processes and accumulation at the foot ofmountains. Along some border belts) where transition forms develop) the boundary is blurred or poorly defined: in these cases) the drawing of contour lines was extended outside the study area) with the aim of highlighting such transitions) particularly along the foothills of the Emilian Apennine where slope variations are gradual. In its details) the boundary with surrounding reliefs may be clearcut, blurred) or poorly defined. In casesofpoor definition) areaswith differences in altitude of 75 m or less within squares of 4×4 km may conventionally be considered as belonging to the plain (Demek; 1982). Moreover) a boundary) again conuentional, has been placed on the Geomorphological Map of Po Plain at valley mouths) where cartographic representation reaches the point at which the width of the valley bottom is reduced to less than 3 km. In particular cases) in order not to interrupt landform continuity) the studied space includes some narrower corridors) e.g.) the cut made by the river Tanaro in the hills of the Tertiary Piemonte Basin between the Cuneo and Alessandria plains. The boundary of the Poirino plateau (Piemonte) toward the Asti Hills is marked by a sign unlike those bordering the pre-Quaternary reliefs emerging from the plain. In this area) the Asti Hills are depressed with respect to the morphological unit of the plateau) which was mainly included in this study of the Po Plain. The boundary functions as a precise geomorphological indicator of the environmental variations imposed by the diversion of the river…

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