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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume I - 1988


Proceedings of the meeting:
The Morphotectonics in Italy


Segnalazioni di superfici sub pianeggianti lungo i versanti della valle Fontanabuona (Ligura orientale, Appennino settentrionale) riconducibili a terrazzamenti del Torrente Lavagna: nota preliminare – Flat surfaces on the sides of the Fontanabuona Valley (Eartern Liguria, Northern Apennines) explainable as terraces of the Lavagna torrent. A preliminary note

Pages 141-145


Differents series of terrace surfaces occur along a large valley tract of the Lavagna Torrent (Fonlanabuona Valley). Their morphology is due to both to erosive and depositional phases of the river, which have taken pIace from basis Upper Pleistocenc to begin Holocene. The cxistence of these tel’racements on both slopes of Lavagna Torrent valley, is patliculari)’ significam near Gallinaria (municipality of Moconesi). Here they are connectcd with river sediments which perfectIy correspond on both sides. Transverse and longillldinal altimetric corrclation to the valley-line allows the reconstruction of four sets of lerraces on both sides. Each set, representing an ancient river-bed, gives evidence of great base-leve! variations aver lime. The corre!ation of such surfaces allows the reconstruction of Ihe ancient beds of the Lavagna Torrent, giving evidence of remarkable pulsations which are due to base-Ievcl variations. Morphological evidence along the watershed, showing capture phenomena, truncated valleys in the hydrographic basin, quitted riverbeds al different altitudes provide support so the hypothesis of a tectonic origin for the Fontanabuona Valley. Addiliooal data 00 the evolutionary stagcs of the Ligurian sidc of Ihe hydrographic nctwork of the Northern Apennines are thereby made available.

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