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Volume 23 (1) - 2000


Some results of recent investigations on Ghiacciaio del Belvedere (Anzasca Valley, Western Alps) taking into account the glacier mechanics

Pages 59-71


First the geographic position of Ghiacciaio del Belvedere and of the glacier system building the final glacier tongue are reviewed. Some information is given concerning the glacier mechanics, based on the continuity equation, as a basis for the understanding of the glacier evolution depending on ice properties, glacier geometry, aspect, and temperature, and on climatic fluctuations. A short history covering the last 45 years of Ghiacciaio del Belvedere is outlined. It is related to the present and relatively updated maps of Ghiacciaio del Belvedere, which are duly listed. As no information exists on the climatic conditions in the upper Anzasca Valley, we rely upon other sources. The thermal condition and evolution of the subject glacier are then considered, on the base of data surveyed by VAW/ETH Swiss researchers. Some details are provided on the glacier tongue properly called Ghiacciaio del Belvedere, with its two termini.. The run-out river system is briefly outlined together with the glacial deposits. The variations in the position of the left terminus from 1914 to the present enhance the need for better surveying of the glaciers, to provide a more accurate knowledge of their behaviour. Finally, the effects of the bed morphology on the glacier response to climatic fluctuations are considered with special reference to Belvedere, Lys and Grande di Verra glaciers.

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